Friday, 23 June 2017

Happy Pride Toronto

Hey Wine Lovers

It's Pride weekend in Toronto, so let cheers to being fabulous and celebrate our diversity!

If you are gay, bisexual, lesbian, transgender or anything and everything under the sun it's time to be proud of who you are. Ditch the oak, keep it fresh, simple and individually you.

Did you know Pride is Toronto's largest event drawing anywhere from 500,000 to over 1,000,000 people each year? People come from all over the globe to celebrate our Pride because it's quite well known as the place to be!

Pride is time for celebration and I think nothing says celebration like some sparkling wine! Ditch the $75 bottle of champagne that is full of complexity and full bodied notes reserved for birthday dinners or nights by the fire with your loved one. It's time to party so think refreshing, crisp, moderate alcohol (trust me, it's a marathon weekend not a sprint) and no heavy full bodied notes.

I want a wine at pride parties to surprise me with zippy fresh notes....much like when my heart get's beating seeing the "TD Boys" #OhhMy

This is a little bit on the heavier side, but look how fabulous this bottle would be sitting on ice at a pride party. "Henry of Pelham Cuvee Catherine Rose Brut". Think brioche, wild strawberry, lemon, fresh apples and a creamy mousse finish. It's $29.95 and proudly Canadian from the Niagara Peninsula!

Here is a unique and different one for you. Hinterland Ancestral Sparkling made from the Gamay grape. It's only 8% alcohol so you can sip this all day with no fear of getting to full of Pride, if thats even possible. Think fruity, off dry (little bit of sweet) and a sweet sour tang note of strawberry, cranberry and cherry. It's $25 from Hinterland winery in Prince Edward County.

I'm sticking with Hinterland and going with "Hinterland Whitecap" sparkling. Think honey, field flowers, apple and peach. It's bright and frothy on the palate, nice fruit and crisp finish that will pair well with a speedo, pride beads and the constant yelling of "Happy Pride". It's $22 and proudly local from Prince Edward County. 

I'm moving south now, but still in Ontario to "Peele Island Secco VQA" sparkling. Think smaller bubbles, apple, pear, peach with fresh fruit, balanced acidity and clean citrus finish. Toss this on ice, sip and be proud to drink such a pleasant Ontario sparkling wine for only $14.95. 

"G. Marquis Silver Line Blanc de Noir's Ice Rose Sparkling". This fine sparkling wine comes from the Niagara Peninsula and is made from 100% Pinot Noir grapes, then given a splash of Cabernet Franc (grape) Ice Wine to add a touch of sweetness. Lively red cherry, strawberry, apricot, marmalade floral and fresh baked pastry notes with a touch of orange pekoe tea. This may be more of an appetizer sparkling but again, just fabulous at $29.95. 

"Megalomaniac Bubblehead Sparkling Rose". This sparkling wine made from Pinot Noir grapes made in the traditional champagne method provides notes of fresh brioche, berries and a dry elegant mouthfeel. This may be one you can have with a snack between floats but still a solid option for celebrating at $29.95. 

Show that East Coast pride with a bottle of "Benjamin Bridge Nova 7 Sparkling". This fabulous sparkling wine is from Nova Scotia and will certainly surprise you with how delightful this little guy is. Think faint rose gold colour, sweet honey suckle, marigold blossoms, asian pair and fresh stone fruit. This is a refreshing sipper backed with crisp refreshing acidity and a long finish.  At $24.95 I would say this is a must have! 

Ive written about this one before but here it is again, "Peele Island Lola Blush Sparkling VQA". This would be my No. 1 rated wine for pride because the bottle is fabulous, the bubbles are fabulous and it's the perfect balance of everything.  Think strawberry and blood orange flavours, small simple bubbles and a refreshing zest at 12% alcohol it's right in the sweet spot. At only $14.95 and one of the most beautiful bottles I have seen, this is quintessential pride in a bottle! 

#NerdAlert - This bottle is made in the Charmat Method - a name for a sparkling wine making process. Unlike the traditional method *how champagne is made* where the second fermentation happens in bottle,  in the charmat method *AKA Tank Method* the second fermentation takes place in a large closed pressure tank like Prosecco.  

Check out for all of the weekend event details and enjoy the main parade this Sunday! 

Happy Sipping and Happy Pride Toronto


P.S. Cracking a bottle of Ontario ChardonnGAY is also acceptable :P

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